Our Technology

Water Harvesting’s technology creates a sustainable, point-of-use water source: air-derived water using Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). This unique process extracts water from air, even in the driest conditions. Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are a class of materials characterized by very high porosity, that can be tailored to selectively adsorb and capture a wide variety of chemical compounds. Developed at UC Berkeley, our MOF technology is tailored for harvesting water from the atmosphere in relative humidity levels as low as 15%. In contrast to conventional atmospheric water harvesting systems, our MOF-based technology captures only water molecules, and is capable of rapid adsorption/ desorption cycling. This ensures absolute water purity, with a low energy requirement.

Learn more: MOF FAQs document

Water Harvesting’s display at The Futures exhibit at The Smithsonian was made possible by the achievements of:

Professor Omar M. Yaghi
Eugene Kapustin, PhD
David S. Kuo, PhD
Sundeep Chauhan
Mihir Chauhan
Avikam Chauhan
Bruno Marchon, PhD
Taber Smith, PhD
Faisal Manair